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What Robyn's Clients are Saying...

“Thank you for being the quintessential Realtor! You have been patient, supportive and generous these 3 months. I thank you for being here for me and using your talents so well.”

-- Lucy Richert
“Robyn was WONDERFUL to work with in selling and buying my condo!  She really listens and found the perfect place for me - exactly what I was looking for. She also listed and sold my previous condo within one week's time.  Robyn literally walked me through every step of the process.  I highly recommend her!”

-- Bernice Mathews
“As a senior citizen trying to sell my house I needed some fresh ideas to make it more attractive to the prospective buyers.   Robyn gave me those ideas and I am sure that is why my house sold so fast.  She is aggressive in a pleasant manner and you can depend on her to get you the best price for your house.”

-- Cereita Little
“Originally, when I decided I no longer wanted the responsibility of homeownership, I thought I would sell my home on my own.  Why pay someone a fee? Keep the money for yourself.  Not true.  It would have cost me money to advertise and for legal counsel in addition to the time, physical and emotional stress, as well as security in showing my home. Robyn was worth more than her fee to me!  Without her friendly, courteous expertise, this move would not have been possible, I am certain.  I really appreciate all she’s done—beginning with her initial visit to my home through the closing of the sale.”

-- Esther C. Taphouse
With Robyn leading me through all the purchasing steps, I was able to focus on work and moving while she steadfastly got me through the maze of paperwork. I felt reassured that I was in good hands and recommend her highly.”

-- Anne Preston
“This letter is in regards to my home buying experience with Ms. Robyn Javornisky- my realtor with the Charles Reinhart Co. As a new homebuyer I was unsure and nervous about the process. Robyn put me right at ease by providing me with the education and expertise I needed to feel confident with my purchase. She was very easy to work with, listened carefully to my needs and she was always available by phone and e-mail. I received daily listings from her. Robyn always knew her way around, she is an excellent map reader. Her husband Marty was available to meet my search needs also. They are a great pair. She helped relieve my anxieties until we found my lovely home. She provided the additional referrals necessary to complete my closing successfully. I recommend Robyn to anyone I come in contact with that may need a Realtor for a home purchase.”

-- Tracey Edwards
“Robyn was very helpful in our house hunt. She had the patience and perseverance to show us a total of nearly 100 houses before we found the right one. She steered us away from several properties that, in hindsight, would not have been right for us. Robyn really knows all the neighborhoods in Ann Arbor, and she knows what to look for – and what to look out for – in a house. After the sale, Robyn continued to help us by recommending some excellent contractors to work on our new house. We were very happy with Robyn as our agent and have recommended her to everybody in the market for a new house.”

-- Amy Gillett
“I highly recommend working with Robyn Javornisky of the Charles Reinhart Company. Last year, she helped us to sell our lovely home to a young couple during Michigan’s economic housing slump. She gave us great tips on how to update our house and prepare it to sell; in fact, it was so beautiful that I almost reconsidered staying! Additionally, she helped us to find carpet installers, house painters, and movers. The open houses that she hosted were successful in pulling in more house traffic. She was a great friend to us as well as an effective and well-informed realtor who helped us as we went through a major move and life transition.

If you are looking for a wonderfully warm and savvy realtor to help you sell your home quickly in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Area, please check out my realtor and friend, Robyn Javornisky of the Charles Reinhart Realtors of Ann Arbor.”

-- Sagina Varghese